Judge, Megan Crofton and Education Officer for Picton Castle, Kate Barrett, present 

the Winner of the Landscape Challenge Competition,

Tom Learmonth,  with the first prize. left, 2nd Prize, Winner, by Ed Tanguay, right 3rd Prize Winner, by Judith Leyland

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The Pembrokeshire Banner/Baner Sir Benfro


The Pembrokeshire Banner was hung in the East Cloister, St Davids Cathedral, in a permanent position for public display, after the 'Home Coming Ceremony' on February 13th. The Banner was preceded up the aisle by the Bishop and Dean of St Davids.There was a short concert during which Gwenno Dafydd sang 'Cenwch y Clychau i Dewi' accompanied by the Fishguard Choir and the Goodwick Brass Band. The Bishop welcomed the Banner into the Cathedral as an almost modern day 'relic' which will, like the bone relic of St David, bring many people to the Cathedral.

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The Pembrokeshire Banner symbols and their meanings

The Leader of the Pembrokeshire County Council, Robin Evans, puts on a Reception in recognition of the work put into making the Pembrokeshire Banner


To see four short films about the progress.click here

St David' Day/ Gwyl Dewi Sant

We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Thursday 19th February in the Senedd

The Banner is Launched






Minister for Education in Wales, Jane Hutt AM and Nerys Evans AM on either side of the Banner 

Working Group, January 24th

Nerys Evans, Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales came along to Bloomfield hall, Narberth to express her support and also interest in the making of the Pembrokeshire Banner.

At the bottom of the page are photographs by Fishguard Arts Society taken as the project progresses

To see four short films about the progress.click here

Fishguard Arts Society supports the making of the Pembrokeshire Banner for the

National St David's Day Parade in Cardiff

Mae Cymdeithas Gelfyddydau Abergwaun yn cefnogi gwneuthuriad ‘Baner Sir Benfro’ ar gyfer ‘Gorymdaith Genedlaethol Gwyl Dewi’ sy’n digwydd yn flynyddol yng Nghaerdydd ar Fawrth y Cyntaf.

The ‘Pembrokeshire Banner’was carried in the annual National St David's Day Parade in Cardiff on March 1st. It is hoped that every County in Wales will create a banner for this growing event with its potential to bring in many visitors from all over the world.
Bydd ‘Baner Sir Benfro’ yn cael ei chario yn ‘Gorymdaith Genedlaethol Gwyl Dewi’, achlysur flynyddol yng Nghaerdydd ar Fawrth y Cyntaf. Y gobaith yw y bydd pob Sir yng Nghymru yn creu baner ar gyfer yr achlysur yma sydd yn tyfu’n gyflym iawn ag sydd a’r potensial i ddenu llawer o ymwelwyr o bob rhan o’r byd.

The words of the official ‘National Saint David’s Day Parade’ song, ‘Cenwch y Clychau i Dewi – Ring out the bells for Saint David’ were written, in view of Carn Llidi, near Saint David’s by Gwenno Dafydd who grew up in North Pembrokeshire.

Cafodd geriau can swyddogol ‘Gorymdaith Genedlaethol Dydd Gwyl Dewi’, ‘Cenwch y Clychau i Dewi’ eu hysgrifennnu gyferbyn a Carn Llidi, ger Ty Ddewi gan Gwenno Dafydd, gafodd ei magu yng Ngogledd Sir Benfro,

The song was launched by the Presiding Officer of the Senedd, Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas, at the Welsh Assembly.

Cafodd y gan ei lawnsio gan Llywydd Y Senedd, Yr Arglwydd Dafydd Elis Thomas yn Y Cynulliad Cenedlaethol

Some of the song lyrics will decorate the banner which will show scenes from the song depicting Saint David’s life and work as well as many famous Pembrokeshire landmarks.

Bydd rhai o eiriau’r gan yn addurno’r faner yn ogystal a golygfeydd o’r gan sydd yn dynodi golygfeydd o fywyd a gwaith Dewi Sant yn ogystal a nifer helaeth o olygfeydd mwyaf adnabyddus a phrydferth Sir Benfro

In Pembrokeshire we already have the expertise in textile arts and a famous community project of the 'Last Invasion Tapestry' which attracts thousands of visitors each year.
Yn Sir Benfro mae gennym eisioes arbennigedd yn y byd tecstiliau celfyddydol gyda chynllun cymunedol enwog ‘Tapestri y Glaniad Olaf’ sydd yn denu miloedd o bobl bob blwyddyn.

Two of the architects of the 'Last Invasion Tapestry' and members of Fishguard Arts Society, renowned textile artists, Audrey Walker and Eirian Short have offered to design the banner
Mae dwy o gynllunwyr‘Tapestri y Glaniad Olaf’ sydd hefyd ill-dwy yn aelodau o ‘Cymdeithas Gelfyddydau Abergwaun’ ac yn enwog iawn am eu gwaith tecstiliau cywrain, Audrey Walker ac Eirian Short, eisioes wedi cynnig eu gwasanaeth i gynllunio’r faner.

The Pembrokeshire Guild of Embroiderers was involved in the making of the banner along with the project manager, Heulwen Reynolds, herself a textile artist and teacher.
Roedd ‘Cymdeithas y Brodweithwyr Cangen Sir Benfro’ ynghlwm a gwneuthuriad y faner yn ogystal a Rheolydd y Cynllun, Heulwen Reynolds, sydd hefyd yn artist ac athrawes tecstiliau.

Gwenno Dafydd singing at the Welsh Athletics Ceremony wearing a dress inspired by the Banner and made by Rebecca Williams, a 6th form Textile student, in Fishguard Secondary School, Gwenno's old school. This is just one of the ways the Banner is making its presence felt.

The design takes shape




The First meeting with the Pembrokeshire Branch of the Embroiderers Guild took place in Bloomfield Hall, Narberth on the 13th September. The design by Audrey Walker and Eirian Short was discussed in detail and there was much enthusiasm and applauding for all the work done so far.

-Gwenno Dafydd was present to see the progress being made and was much impressed. Last week, James Hunting, who was chosen as the Embroiderers Guild over 30 scholar for 2006 (www.jameshunting.com) came along, saw the Banner and joined in working one of the leaves with great skill.


Bees made by a member of the Guild on a sample part of the Banner.



Banner Photos 5th December 08

Banner Photos 8th January 09

The Banner workshop on Saturday 17th January. Gwenno Dafydd adds a stitch too!

The official site for the S David's Day Parade is:-http://www.stdavidsday.org/

     How can we all join together.   Article with more information but without the videos

On YouTube are two videos from Gwenno Dafydd. You will need to copy and paste the links below.

 One in Welsh: Rhai pethau allwch chi wneud i ddathlu Dydd Gwyl Dewi. Things to do to celebrate Saint David's Day. - YouTube